I. Genetic advancement for yield, quality and stress tolerance

• Plant genetic resource and its utilization
• Climate resilient and stress tolerant rice
• Breeding for resource use efficiency
• New plant type and hybrids
• Quality improvement and biofortification
• Novel approaches for rice improvement

II. Molecular interventions for trait improvement

• Functional genomics for trait improvement
• Bioprospecting of genes and allele mining
• Transgenic rice
• Bioinformatics

III. Efficient resources utilization and system analysis

• Resource conservation technologies and Conservation agriculture
• Climate smart production technology
• Nutrient and water use efficiency
• Innovative farming and cropping systems and its management
• Utilization of microbial resources
• Crop simulation and modelling

IV. Biotic and abiotic stress physiology and management

• Pest dynamics under changing climatic scenario
• Host-Plant Resistance
• Next Generation Pesticides
• Integrated pest management
• Physiology and biochemistry under stresses
• Climate change adaptation and mitigation

V. Farm mechanization and agro-processing

• Farm machinery development and refinement
• Drudgery reduction and energy efficiency
• Storage, processing and by-product utilization

VI. Socioeconomics and agro-technology transfer

• Socio-economic assessment and gender issues
• Yield gap analysis and technology transfer
• IT based knowledge transfer
• Rice value chain models and marketing issues
• Agribusiness and entrepreneurship development
• Farm profitability and income enhancement